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Kate is a qualified and experienced youth worker, case manager and psychologist. She is passionate about working with children and their families and truly believes young people have amazing ideas, creativity and thoughts that need to be heard. She loves the minds of children and walking with them to learn about themselves and discover new ways of managing their personal challenges.  Kate believes in the strong connection between the mind and the physical and biological body and uses this knowledge to provide a holistic approach when working with her clients.

Kate has spent over 20 years working in case management and counselling support with tweens, young parents, homeless youth, young offenders, and youth-at-risk, as well as experience working in primary schools as a school psychologist supporting children, their parents and teaching staff.

Kate has a great love of the local area, having lived and worked in the South-Eastern area of Sydney her whole life giving her a strong understanding of the community and community-specific issues.  She is warm, honest, down-to-earth, and genuine with a love of humour, positivity and an ever-present smile on her face, all of which she brings to the counselling room.


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Kate loves people and wants to know all about you therefore the strength of the counselling relationship is paramount to working together. Kate’s approach to the therapeutic process is one of self-exploration, education and empowerment. Regardless of age you are the ‘expert’ of your life and Kate will work with you to support and coach you to discover your strengths and develop practical strategies that are important, manageable and best for you as a wonderful, unique individual. 

Kate’s sessions are client-led while also challenging you with alternate ways to percieve things or strategies to try which you may not have otherwise considered. You will be gently encouraged to push yourself when she knows you have the skills and capacity to do so as it is in these positive challenges that growth begins and positive, internal shifts happen.

When working with younger children Kate makes sessions fun, play-based and engaging while always working to empower them to make choices for themselves and develop confidence to make their voice heard. When working with younger children she always engages the parent/caregiver and provides strategies for continued growth and support outside of the counselling space.

Kate uses a range of evidenced-based modalities tailored to client presentation, needs and goals. This includes ACT, CBT, solution-focused brief therapy, mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, play-based therapy and family intervention.

Areas of Expertise:

►Children (5-12 years of age)
►Parents/caregivers of younger children/parent coaching
►Emotional regulation
►Low mood
►Behavioural challenges
►Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
►Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
►Social/Interpersonal challenges



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