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Hazel is the founder and principal psychologist of the Change Rooms practice. Once described as a ‘female Billy Connolly’ at a seminar, you will find that Hazel’s relaxed, friendly and humorous personality makes her very easy to engage with be it in a session, seminar or around the practice. Hazel migrated to Australia in 2003 from the UK and has been working in private practice in Randwick since 2009. Prior to this she worked in high schools in a variety of senior roles in teaching, curriculum development and pastoral care. Hazel is also a co-founder of MindTime, an online wellbeing resource for young people, and she is a passionate advocate for youth mental health.

Hazel enjoys working with a wide variety of clients and presentations, moving easily from a ‘coaching’ role for professionals in transition to a much more clinical role supporting those with serious mental health issues, and all things in between.

One of Hazel’s passions is the area of youth mental health, having worked in and with schools for twenty-five years. She holds additional qualifications in Youth Mental Health and Adolescent Psychology generally and Suicide and Self Harm specifically. Rather than specialising in one particular area of psychology, Hazel prefers to work broadly and demographically. She will often take on clients that are referred with ‘difficult to treat’ presentations and aims to empower those individuals who are often reluctant to engage in treatment.

At the practice (and in organisations upon request) Hazel runs groups and seminars on several areas of interest, including clinical areas such as suicide and self-harm, alongside positive psychology and personal development. Watch this space for some upcoming DBT Skills Groups for Adolescents and a separate group for parents and caregivers at the practice, an exciting and much needed adjunct to individual therapy.

Hazel is also an experienced presenter and consultant in the area of Positive Psychology in Schools across all areas of the school community (students, staff, parents). She also presented recently at the Doctoralia Conference, educating GPs in the area of adolescent self-harm. As part of the MindTime group Hazel trains staff and presents to parents and students in all areas of wellbeing.


A key feature of being on the journey with Hazel is the focus on personal strengths. This leads to better self awareness and enables self acceptance and with this comes confidence and self efficacy. Identity and self reflection are integral aspects of this work too. Resilience certainly isn’t a ‘teachable’ concept, however, working with clients to embrace opportunities for its growth and development is important, regardless of age. Not everything in life can be changed, we need to learn to challenge and shift our perspectives when we cannot change the situation we find ourselves in.  Hazel uses a variety of evidence based treatment modalities in her approach including DBT and CBT, however the practice philosophy of ‘one size fits one’ is something she believes strongly in and she will work with you to find the right treatment plan for YOU.

She encourages all clients to come and see her for a ‘job interview’ as their therapist before they commit to treatment.

Areas of Expertise:

►child and adolescent development
►Youth mental health
►mood disorders
►interpersonal issues
►emotion regulation
►Personality disorders
►eating disorders
►self harming behaviours
►adjustment issues

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