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There are a few things to consider when making an appointment. You can self refer as a private client with no referral from your GP, Psychiatrist or School. If this is the case, simply call the appointment line (02 9399 6399) and ask for the first available time that suits you. With private clients like this there is no Medicare refund. You MAY be eligible for private health fund rebates (check with them beforehand).

If you have a referral from your GP or Psychiatrist, it is usually on a document called a Mental Health Care Plan. Please bring this with you when you come along with the referral letter. It must be addressed to the psychologist you are seeing, or to ‘psychologist’. We are unable to accept referrals made out to another psychologist.

With this type of referral you will be able to claim back part of the session from Medicare, up to ten session per year. Information on claiming from Medicare can be found HERE and most clients find downloading the Medicare Express app on their phone is the easiest way to claim. WE DO NOT PROCESS MEDICARE CLAIMS AT THE PRACTICE. Instead we prefer to use your whole appointment time working on change.

If you have been referred by your school counsellor or by a friend or other professional you can either visit your GP before the session to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan or use private health cover. This is totally up to you.

Click here to make an immediate booking or please call 02 9399 6399 to speak to one of our receptionists who will assist you in arranging your appointment. You will receive reminders by SMS and email 48 hours before your appointment. We reserve these appointments especially for you, and often turn other people away at busy periods. We ask that you give as much notice as possible of changes in order to avoid cancellation fees as we may be able to fill your appointment for another person who needs it.

It is our belief that the therapeutic relationship with your psychologist is a pivotal part of every treatment plan. We therefore encourage you to email with any questions you may have before you make an initial appointment.

Fees are the same for both initial and continuing appointments. Please call or email us for the most recent fee schedule at the practice. Some treatment programs – eg Maudsley Family Therapy – have a unique fee schedule. If you feel you need longer than an hour, please indicate this and we can make enough time to spend with you without rushing

Expect to feel a little nervous, it is perfectly natural. We understand that the decision to seek help to make positive changes in your life (or the life of your child) is one you most likely have ruminated over. We try our best to ensure you are comfortable and feel relaxed and at home. We can promise you will feel more relaxed as the session goes on. You are encouraged to see the first session as your psychologist’s job interview. You need to ask enough questions to make sure they are the right person to help you. You may want to compile a list of questions or come simply with an open mind.

There will be some paperwork in the wait room for you when you arrive. Fill out as much as you can but don’t stress. If you want to wait to fill it out together, that is fine.

Help yourself to tea/coffee/hot chocolate or cold drinks from the fridge. If there are biscuits or treats, help yourself. The bathroom is down the hall, last door on the left.

At Change Rooms we are solution focused in our work. This means we are interested in the WHOLE of you, not just the ‘problem’. We want to know your passions, your skills, strengths and we then use these to help you work towards the future you want. We will spend quite a bit of time in the session trying to work out what that is and fleshing it out. Often this type of questioning can be difficult for clients as they are so focused on ‘the problem’ or issue that they haven’t really considered exactly how life would be different if they were working through it.

Most sessions will end with some take away messages or homework. This is a balance of taking the change outside of your session and challenging you in small ways.

At the end of every session you will be asked to give feedback, tell us how we’ve done. It’s really important to be honest here (and hopefully throughout the session) so that you get the best value from your investment of time and money. Feedback is usually a time to reflect on what you have found most helpful and to let us know of anything we can change to make things easier for you next time.

It’s difficult to summarise the structure and content of continuing sessions as they depend on you mostly. We only use evidence based approaches such as: Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Play Therapy, Family Therapy to name a few; Solution Focused Brief Therapy is our main approach in the practice. We can give you some readings to inform you more about these approaches as they relate to you. Feedback and monitoring is part of EVERY session, allowing us to see how both you and your therapist are doing.

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in
comparison to what lies inside of you. 

Ralph Waldo Emerson

What lies behind you and what lies in front of you, pales in comparison to what lies inside of you.

Ralph Waldo Emerson



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